Little Black Book Boudoir │Melissa Katherine

The Little Black Book Interviews │Agent Ryder

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What draws you to lingerie? The fine details, the feeling of wearing it, the emphasis it puts on your body Do you believe that wearing lingerie and feeling empowered are important for feminism? Definitely! Have you always been a fan? Yes, of course, what’s not to love?! How important is it for you to wear beautiful lingerie on a daily basis? …

Showing up imperfectly │Melissa Katherine Photography

The Imperfect Phoenix.

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I’m writing this to show up imperfectly and vulnerable in order to begin again. Although I feel like I have been transformed, I don’t feel as though the work is completely done. I now know that the transformation cannot occur completely in solitude. I must reach out and share where I am at. I must shed the shame I feel …

Jovana │ Dark and Witchy Yoga Photo Session

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When my yoga teacher, Jovana, asked me to create some beautifully styled portraits for her to use on her website, I knew I wanted to create something feminine, strong, mysterious and earthy. Yoga asana selfies are everywhere these days — search for #yoga on Instagram and you’ll find more than 18 million photos, and that’s not including all the photos …

MAPLE ROSE │ Vintage Showgirl Photo Session

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The delightful Maple Rose has been a part of the Australian Burlesque scene since 2011. I’d worked with Maple Rose in the past, well kind of. I contacted her when I was styling an editorial shoot for Ace of Spades magazine. She was making ever so cute pin-up clothing at the time. I was excited to include her designs in the photo …

Early Snaps | Melissa Katherine

Blueprints that already existed.

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When I was 15 I took it upon myself to contact Dolly Magazine seeking an opportunity for work experience. To my amazement, I was accepted. I was going to have the opportunity to see how photo shoots went down, maybe spot a few of my favourite models and experience the everyday runnings of what was then one of my favourite …