New moon, new moniker.

It’s been an idea that I have wrestled with for the good part of this year and I have finally decided to take the plunge and align my namesake with the direction my work is heading. Basically I’ve outgrown my current moniker, it’s time to expand and grow and what better time to do it than during the New Moon.

New Moon

New Moon : Image via NASA

I’ve also been holding onto several projects I don’t have the energy and time for. I need to be selective and aware of creative overwhelm. I also need to let go of the fear that new ideas won’t come to me. Much like a hoarder needs to let go of personal possessions that no longer serve them, I to, need to shed some layers, simplify my creative outlets and align my talents with prosperity and abundance. I feel my work is getting better every day and feel it would be unfair to limit myself in such a superficial way. Miss Mookie has became that limitation.


A pseudonym that started as a DJ name (the word my son used for music when he was 3 years old) eventually evolved into my pin-up persona. I’m not at all ashamed of this journey, in fact it has shaped who I am, given me  strength, courage and an amazing perspective for creativity, but the past is the past and I’m all about growth and moving forward. I’ve accomplished a hell of a lot during this time – I’m proud of that, but I want to remain fresh and ever current.
I’ll be changing everything over gradually and by 2016 my creative work will all fall under Melissa Katherine. Stay tuned!

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