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It’s February, which means SELF LOVE MONTH at Melissa Katherine HQ. Traditionally February is when we celebrate St Valentine’s Day, but let’s make a pact right now. The entire month should be dedicated to self love, empowerment and taking care of you.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.”-Β Lucille Ball

Regardless of your relationship status you should be the love of your life and your relationship with yourself is paramount. February is a great month to nurture this sentiment and indeed yourself. There’s no doubt that these are all things we need to work and pay attention to all the time, but dedicating a month to such matters really kick starts the process and gets you forming new habits.

Photo:Β D. Sharon Pruitt

5 things I encourage you to do during February and beyond.

  • Stop reading mainstream and tabloid magazines.
  • Take bubble baths regularly.
  • Start wearing sunscreen and moisture your entire body everyday.
  • Put only 3 things on your list each day
  • Do something new and scary.

A huge part of why I do what I do is the work of self love and empowerment. Photo shoots are one of the best ways to develop and strengthen the positivity we feel towards our own image. Of course, selfies are a great way to increase our self-esteem and better our self image, but allowing yourself to be part of art and someone else’s vision of beauty, allowing another to see you in a different light and encouraging you to step into a fantasy for even just a few hours is something that can start or be part of an incredible journey into self love. It’s a journey that I speak about from a personal perspective and wholeheartedly endorse and encourage it.


Because I believe everyone should be able to experience such a wonderful thing, I’m offering two fantastic deals during the month of February.

Due to the success of my first PAY WHAT YOU WANT photo sessions, I’m offering a very limited number of those again. When I say limited I mean LIMITED. 3 spots only!


I’m also offering 20% off all full priced shoot packages until the 14th. That means that as long as you pay your 50% deposit (-minus 20% discount if you use the following code) by the 14th, you can schedule your shoot to suit your time frame. i.e. Your shoot session doesn’t have to take place before February 14th. Use the code SELFLOVE20 during the payment process via my rates page.


Now those are two sweet deals if I do say so myself. I always get excited by the prospect of shooting new beauties. It truly makes my heart sing!


Love yo’self,


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