Expertly Vulnerable

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My expertise is centred around my art career primarily – the creative skills and talents I’ve honed, but part of that journey involves my experience in front of the camera. I’ve worked with other photographers as well as photographed myself and each time I learn something new. I learn which side is my best side, which way to hold my body just right to achieve the pose I’m visualising, the subtleties of facial expressions that change the entire mood of the photograph, but I also learn about being vulnerable.

It can be nerve racking to ‘bare all’ in front of the camera. To completely trust the person behind the lens. This is exactly why I love what I do so much. I love recognising vulnerability in others, relating to it and overcoming it with them.

Assuring whoever is in front of my lens that it’s all OK, to trust me, themselves and surrender to the process of collaborative art is an immensely satisfying work. I’m humbled when people allow this process to happen by booking a session and turning up. I love my job!

Sydney Portrait Photographer| Melissa Katherine

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