Jovana │ Dark and Witchy Yoga Photo Session

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When my yoga teacher, Jovana, asked me to create some beautifully styled portraits for her to use on her website, I knew I wanted to create something feminine, strong, mysterious and earthy. Yoga asana selfies are everywhere these days — search for #yoga on Instagram and you’ll find more than 18 million photos, and that’s not including all the photos from other related hashtags. It was important for both of us that this was not your stock standard yoga photo session.

Melissa Katherine │Yoga Portrait Photography Alexandria

I absolutely love using elements of nature indoors for my photo shoots because it adds a seasonal marker to my work. I’m always bringing in branches and cuttings to hang around my studio and home. I’ll always know that I shoot this in Winter because I included those pretty Camellias. It was also raining that afternoon, which added to the atmosphere created in the space.

Jovana │Dark and Earthy Yoga Photo Session in Sydney

Jovana teaches both Jivamukti and Kundalini yoga and combines her love of the esoteric and music within her classes – this is precisely why I love her classes so much. Her individual take on teaching yoga is inspiring and I really feel that I captured that in these photographs.

Bringing your authentic self to what you do is so important. When you connect with your true self and let that shine magic happens.

Jovana │Jivamukti Yoga Photo Shoot Sydney Australia

Connectedness and spirituality play such a big part of my life and I enjoy relating such things to my portraiture. I don’t believe there is only one way to empowerment, but I’m passionate about feminism, spirituality and mythology. All three play an intrinsic part of why I do what I do. Waking up the goddess in us all is so important and whether your inner goddess comes out as a Hollywood Bombshell, Pretty Pinup, Vintage Vixen, Earthy Yoga Witch or Dark Siren, the empowerment gained from doing so is what should be acknowledged and embraced.

Own your inner goddess, whatever form she may take.

Melissa Katherine │ Dark and Witchy Yoga in Sydney

Fantasy takes many forms. It might not be burlesque, but yoga (or whatever your jam might be)can be just as theatrical!

Darkness and magic,

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