The Imperfect Phoenix.

I’m writing this to show up imperfectly and vulnerable in order to begin again. Although I feel like I have been transformed, I don’t feel as though the work is completely done. I now know that the transformation cannot occur completely in solitude. I must reach out and share where I am at. I must shed the shame I feel in order to move ahead. I must continue to create in order to breathe.

Showing up imperfectly │Melissa Katherine Photography


My recent house move knocked me for a six and I didn’t see it coming….AT ALL! I knew that I would need to cull a lot of my possessions and I thought I would be ok with that. With a lot of my art themes heavily associated with nostalgia, I realised that this was a bigger challenge than I originally thought. It meant that things were disrupted and not perfect. It caused me to retreat and my perfectionist traits and fear of overwhelm blow up in my face. In hindsight, this shedding has been quite extensive. I feel as though so much of my life and things have changed. It has indeed been a process of letting go in order to grow. Damn! My word of the year for my business is GROW!

I’ve learned that being a highly sensitive creative and perfectionist is a double-edged sword. These traits add enormous value to my work and business, but at the same time, they are the very things that can paralyse me.

I have let go of a lot already (which is a huge thing for me), but the biggest blow came just days after handing the keys back to my old place. With my studio filled with storage boxes and endless bags of vintage clothing and fabric, I felt that my creative spirit had injured winged. Our warehouse art collective received notice and we need to be out of the building by April next year. I feel incredibly sad to be losing this creative space as anyone that has visited MK HQ to shoot with me knows that it is a beautifully unique and awe-inspiring creative space filled with artists and makers that over the course of the last two years have become my creative family. People to discuss ideas with, chat about challenges and generally lean on when you need another artist’s perspective. The building itself is also something I fell head over heels for. I have shot in almost every corner of the space and feel deeply saddened that I will only have this opportunity for a few short months.

Apart from my interstate visits, every shoot I have done in the past 2 years has been in this building. I’ve attempted to capture its spirit, create magical tales and weave my own themes into this building. It has become my creative haven, my safe place, a place to nurture fresh ideas and flourish.

If you have been meaning to book a shoot with me or would really love to shoot in a particular part of this gorgeous building now is the time to book your session. At this stage, we need to vacate the building by April 30th, 2018.

I would like to thank everyone that has worked with me so far and hope that you continue to support my creative endeavours so that I may keep serving you in the best way I know how.

Slowly I am getting back into it, but I feel an incredible hurdle was inflicted upon my art and business. It has made me appreciate how important creativity is to not only others and the world in general, but also to me personally.

I hope that this inspires you to show up imperfectly and not wait until you think you are ready to take a leap in life, whatever your challenge might be.

Growth can’t happen when the ego feels safe and as they say the real magick happens outside your comfort zone.

Come be creative with me, we all need it!

Magic and mystery,

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  1. Big changes are happening sissy but find the excitement and adventure in the new chapter on its way! Love you millions! You’re amazing xxx

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