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The delightful Maple Rose has been a part of the Australian Burlesque scene since 2011. I’d worked with Maple Rose in the past, well kind of. I contacted her when I was styling an editorial shoot for Ace of Spades magazine. She was making ever so cute pin-up clothing at the time. I was excited to include her designs in the photo shoot I did with Lady Popsicle. Fast forward a few years and Maple Rose now lives in Melbourne. She has settled there after travelling to Europe and enjoying a stint living and working in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. There she became a regular performer at Melt Bar.

During our session, we chatted about the way in which Burlesque is appreciated and perceived in different parts of the world. It’s always interesting to hear the way in which a different culture views things like burlesque. There was also the fact that Swedes are obsessed with the ‘new’, so vintage stores and vintage fashion/furniture are not really seen as cool or desirable. Of course, as in every city, there are the vintage aficionados that see the value and beauty in pieces from by-gone eras, but it’s difficult to get my head around the idea of nostalgia not being treasured.

Do we get bogged down with the past and what has already been done? Is it important to pay homage to the past in order to have a richer and more vibrant future?

I like the idea of fresh concepts and newness – it stops things becoming stagnant and tired, but I also love aspects of the past – the workmanship, the quality, the longevity of garments and design. In a world filled and ruled by fast, disposable fashion, I think the future must include vintage.

Burlesque Photo Shoot Sydney Studio │Melissa Katherine

Here Maple Rose wears an emerald green gown with leopard details and magenta gloves. I love using bold and striking hue in portraiture, especially complimentary colours. The dress is an 80s does 60s number and she picked it up during her time in Sweden.

MAPLE ROSE by Melissa Katherine

So very glam, so very gorgeous!

For details on where to catch Maple Rose perform check out




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