What’s your kickass legacy?

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If you’re like me you treasure your family snaps. The fading old photographs of family members, some of who are no longer with us is something we hold dearly.
Having lost my mother to cancer when I was 20 years old, I only have a very small collection of photographs with my mum in them. Wedding photos and one professional family portrait is about all there is when it comes to anything of decent quality. The remainder are just small snapshots or school photos. In the 60’s and 70’s snapshots weren’t even 4×6, they are even smaller.

Over the years photography has woven its way into my life and I’ve been thinking more and more about how powerful it really is. I know I have thought of my photography in a different light than the photography we typically see as capturing or dearest memories, you know – the serious photography! But when I look back at more and more of my portraits I realise that these are memories too! So in the past year or so I have made it my mission to highlight the importance of printed photographic memories, in my life, in my work and also in each and every beautiful soul that sits in front of my lens.

My parents in their motorcycle days.


I may not be out there capturing weddings, birthday parties or family reunions, but I do in fact create memories. These memories are important, they may happen in a studio, with artificial lighting and makeup, glitter, heels and all the trimmings, but each and every woman is brave and vulnerable and strong and bold. Brave and vulnerable to take the leap and say that they are worthy of being photographed. Trusting the process, trusting me and facing their fears and how they may see themselves, how others may judge them. Their strength is in the fact that in spite of all this they still stand up and are visible, they are valid, present and taking up space. They refuse to shrink or believe that they aren’t worthy of being photographed. There is immense boldness in this and I want other women to know this.

I want other women to step up and be visible, for when your grandchildren or grand nieces and nephews find your photograph in a drawer, a frame or an album, they will think you are so kickass and they will treasure that print like nothing else. Oh, what a thought! That is your kickass legacy!

Yes, we are having fun in the studio with all the frills and glitter and sparkle. We are trying on fabulous costumes and lingerie and creating something magical that we will both remember for many years, but we are also creating a unique and precious memory together. Every single portrait session is different, every face, everybody, every smile, every laugh! Your essence deserves to live on and oh what a grand way to do it.
Print your photographs, restore your old treasured ones, frame them, be visible. We might live in a digital age, but we are still tactile creatures. There is nothing quite like holding a photograph in your hands, especially when you are in it.

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