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What draws you to lingerie?

The fine details, the feeling of wearing it, the emphasis it puts on your body

Do you believe that wearing lingerie and feeling empowered are important for feminism?


Have you always been a fan?

Yes, of course, what’s not to love?!

How important is it for you to wear beautiful lingerie on a daily basis?

I like to look after my beautiful lingerie.  I work in a very busy environment so I generally wear sports lingerie to work and save my good stuff for my personal time!

If you are wearing underwear that’s not a good fit or not your favourite, does it affects your confidence and mood?

It doesn’t affect my confidence or mood because I know I still look fabulous, it just makes me feel uncomfortable

Is your expensive lingerie reserved for special occasions?

Not at all!

Are you drawn to vintage styles or prefer more modern minimal pieces?


How important is wearing lingerie to your self-esteem and confidence?


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