Explore Joynton Avenue Creative Centre: an open day of art, experimentation, beats and beers!

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On the 10th of April 2021 – this Saturday I will be showcasing a selection of creative portraits as well as interactive Instagram-worthy backdrops encouraging you to get creative and take selfies.

I’ll also be giving a bespoke photoshoot experience away to the best three selfie entries as well as discounts on the day for my photoshoot sessions. 

It will be a simple selfie #hashtag social media competition. Register on the day and all instructions will be provided on the day.

Entry is only $11

There’s also a plethora of activities and things to see throughout the entire space.

Here are the full details of all that is happening on the day!

After 2020, we are returning to real life at Joynton Avenue Creative Centre with an open afternoon of creative activities, dj sets and bevvies.

There’ll be drop-in workshops suitable for all experience levels presented by Joynton Avenue’s creative residents including Red Room Poetry, Rizzeria, Other Worlds Zines, The Bench, The Story Mill and me of course!

Plus Art Somewhere will be hosting an open creative hangout all afternoon, including beats and beers in the sunshine.

There are limited spot, so book in quick! Grab your tickets here.

Your entry includes access to the following workshops and experiences:

Art Somewhere Creative Hangout

Drop in at anytime to experiment and learn creative practices in a non-structured teaching environment. Art materials are supplied and you can either learn from our artist facilitators or bring your own craft project to expand on! We’ll have a very special guest artist Maddie Gibbs joining us to take you through activities and take part in a collaborative community artwork.

Risograph exhibition and Printmaking Demos with The Rizzeria

Explore an exhibition of Risograph printed posters, zines and cards created over 12 months of iso workshops, and print your very own riso print to take home on the day.

Poetry Workshops with Red Room Poetry

Join Red Room poetry alongside 107 resident Nadeena Dixon, for a reflective poetry and art experience.

Exhibition with Jamie Gray

Explore Jamie Gray’s Instances project, and hear local stories from the people behind the portraits. You’ll be able to reflect on your own local story with a postcard installation on the day.

Jewellery Demos with The Bench

Catch a series of live jewellery demos, and explore the tools and space of our very own jewellery lab The Bench, and what courses are on offer.

Exhibition & Photo Studio with Melissa Katherine Photography

Peruse some of resident photographer Melissa Katherine’s gorgeous portraits, and interactive photo experience.

Mindfulness with Sonder

Join some early sessions of mindfulness and relaxation techniques with Sonder Psychology, to prep you for the year ahead and take care of your creative mind.

Outdoor Beats

Get down at Joy Town with beats with Soph, filmmaker at Story Mill by Day, DJ with Pineapple Pineapple by night. Plus live music from Harry Tompsett to get you moving. Grab a drink from the bar – brews from our pals at Yulli’s or G&T’s, and enjoy the grooves.

Creative Office Tours

Tours of the creative office spaces will be running throughout the day so you can explore the gorgeous building, and ask any questions you have about being a creative resident at Joynton Avenue Creative Centre!

This Open Day is sponsored by 107 Projects, Yulli’s Brews, Mountain Goat, My Community Project and the City of Sydney.


Purchase your ticket now!


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I am proud and EXCITED to let you know I’ve been accepted to join 107projects at the Joynton Avenue Creative Centre. I’m really excited to be practising my photography in such an amazing building and I’m looking forward to meeting all the other creatives that are part of this collective.Read More

Now with Afterpay!

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Afterpay is now available for all photoshoot bookings as well as gift certificates and prints. This means you can stretch the payments over 8 weeks. I’m a fan of Afterpay so I’m pretty excited to be able to offer this to you. 

For those that don’t know. Afterpay is an interest-free payment plan that allows you to make purchases up to $1000 and spread that total over 4 x fortnightly payments. 

With Afterpay fully integrated on melissakatherinephotography.com all you need to do is select that payment option at checkout.

 More info

If you would like to book a creative portrait photoshoot, whether it be retro boudoir, modern pinup or just a very special and bespoke portrait session, please get in touch!

Blooming From Within: The Ultimate Confidence Building Act Through Creative Photography

Girlskill Podcast Interview

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I was recently interviewed by Anna Rova for her Girlskill Podcast, which is a must-subscribe if you are interested in hearing raw, vulnerable & hilarious conversations with real women from all walks of life. These conversations hit on topics such as success, womanhood & everything in between. As a creative, I find it incredibly empowering to hearing other creative's stories. Although we may all travel a different path there are always commonalities and Girlskill gives us new perspectives to these common threads.

Girlskill Podcast with Anna Rova | Melissa Katherine

During our conversation, we spoke about how my photography is central to many of my most passionately held beliefs and missions.

"Success is almost like a mirage; when you have goals and you reach those goals you still want more... Success is almost elusive because once you get there, it's not really about the destination, it's about the journey."

Topics we spoke about include:

  • The transformative power of creative photography
  • Why every woman needs to have a portrait of herself that she absolutely adores
  • Celebrating womanhood and self-esteem through portrait photography
  • The benefits of a creative photoshoot
  • What happens in a creative photo session
  • Why a creative photoshoot can be an empowering and confidence building experience
  • The importance of creating a memory that will outlive you
  • Discovering your essence through creative photography
  • Why the way we see ourselves is the most powerful indicators of success
  • Why true empowerment is about blooming from within
  • and much more...

Join us for a discussion of empowerment and transformation, channelling your inner babe and soaking up the magic of YOU!

Listen here or search for Girlskill in your favourite podcast app.

Blooming From Within: The Ultimate Confidence Building Act Through Creative Photography Podcast with Girlskill

Boudoir Glamour Photography | Melissa Katherine

Claim Your Title!


As creatives, we stumble and delay stepping into the role we are working towards. Whether we wish to be artists, photographers, burlesque performers, models or witches, we generally have this perception that we need to achieve a certain level of work or experience before we can refer to ourselves by these labels. Yet, by stepping into our desired role before we are deserving (I really detest that word), we are able to centre our actions and mindset around that which we seek to manifest much easier. An amazing thing happens when you claim the title you aspire to.

You might not feel like you are worthy of the title yet. It might be something you are working on or wish to be, but when we claim the title we see ourselves in a different light. We hold ourselves differently, we walk with a more confident strut and start to see ourselves through the eyes of success and (this is key) we can use this to take actions in the direction we wish to go.


For example, there’s a competition you dream of entering coming up, but you don’t think of yourself as an artist, so may feel like you need to take action (i.e. create art good enough) first and then think about entering, which inevitably may not even happen. By reframing it and considering yourself an artist right now you start to think like an artist immediately and find solutions to the challenge ahead. Rather than seeing it as a hurdle you see it as a goal. It all starts on the inside. Claiming your title will not bring you to your destination, but it will get you on your train.

Empowerment Photography | Melissa Katherine


Of course, there will be fear surrounding this as we are putting ourselves out there boldly to be judged. We need to remember that the ego wants us to be safe, so when we hear other people’s snide remarks questioning our audacity, so may feel the need to shrink back to our safe selves. Whenever we go bold or claim more space or presents we will face criticisms and that’s okay, it’s just part of the territory. As they say, magic happens outside your comfort zone.

So I encourage you to step into your dream title before you think you are deserving of it. Now obviously I’m not telling you to go around claiming the title of Doctor unless you are in fact qualified. I’m clearly talking about owning the creative roles we seek. We all need to step into these roles completely. 

Telling yourself and others that you are an aspiring burlesque performer or you are trying to be an artist holds you in a thought pattern of not having achieved enough yet, but if we reframe it we start thinking in a different way we form new thought patterns. The possibilities start to be apparent. Rather than seeing the things we are yet to achieve we start seeing ways in which we can achieve them. So the next time you meet someone new and they ask what you do, tell them you are a burlesque performer, an artist, a youtube content creator or a witch.

Claiming your title does not instantaneously give you oodles of talent or experience (you still need to do the hard work), but it does open the gate to your creative journey and that’s way more important than arriving at your destination.