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I was recently interviewed by Anna Rova for her Girlskill Podcast, which is a must-subscribe if you are interested in hearing raw, vulnerable & hilarious conversations with real women from all walks of life. These conversations hit on topics such as success, womanhood & everything in between. As a creative, I find it incredibly empowering to hearing other creative’s stories. Although we may all travel a different path there are always commonalities and Girlskill gives us new perspectives to these common threads.

Girlskill Podcast with Anna Rova | Melissa Katherine

During our conversation, we spoke about how my photography is central to many of my most passionately held beliefs and missions.

“Success is almost like a mirage; when you have goals and you reach those goals you still want more… Success is almost elusive because once you get there, it’s not really about the destination, it’s about the journey.”

Topics we spoke about include:

  • The transformative power of creative photography
  • Why every woman needs to have a portrait of herself that she absolutely adores
  • Celebrating womanhood and self-esteem through portrait photography
  • The benefits of a creative photoshoot
  • What happens in a creative photo session
  • Why a creative photoshoot can be an empowering and confidence building experience
  • The importance of creating a memory that will outlive you
  • Discovering your essence through creative photography
  • Why the way we see ourselves is the most powerful indicators of success
  • Why true empowerment is about blooming from within
  • and much more…

Join us for a discussion of empowerment and transformation, channelling your inner babe and soaking up the magic of YOU!

Listen here or search for Girlskill in your favourite podcast app.

Blooming From Within: The Ultimate Confidence Building Act Through Creative Photography Podcast with Girlskill

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