A cover should make things better!!

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If you are going to do a cover, please bring something to the table….make your version unique and memorable in it’s own right. (Saying this, I do thank Chris Leibing for making a techno version, just so I there is an excuse to mix a little Jack and Meg on the wheels o’ steel!!)

Seven Nation Army is a difficult track to do as a cover, I will admit! With it’s signature riff, that White achieves with his acoustic guitar and whammy pedal set down an octave, it doesn’t leave a whole lotta room for reworking….or does it??

After all it is a distinct track aurally and (if you include the video clip) visually.

CW Stoneking in my opinion triumphs in the difficult task…he approaches it from a new perspective, there is no baggage or pre-concieved notion as to what it should and should sound like….perhaps this is the only way it can work…at least if the song is as distinct as this.

And just to prove that it is a hard task….Audioslave…why did you bother??

Almost as bad as Scissor Sisters ‘attempting’ Comfortably Numb..

Terrible terrible terrible!!! just because you like the track, don’t mean you gotta sing it (in public)

Scissor Sisters stick to the shower singing please!! 🙂

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