Ahhhh! The List…it’s sounds big and important I know….but really it is here to remind me to do the stuff I love and try new things. It is by no means  a static list (and right now it is a brief – off the top of my head kinda list) …things will be added and crossed out. At least this list will be tidy…you know usually a typical ‘to do list’ is messy, things crossed out and added. But whether scribbled on scrap paper or compiled neatly on my blog, lists definitely work! Viva la LIST!!


  1. Move to another city.
  2. Visit Tokyo
  3. Visit New York
  4. Visit Paris
  5. Eat some macarons at Ladurée
  6. Try some japanese bakery goodness at Aki Boulanger
  7. Visit Berlin
  8. Master my new camera. (in progress)
  9. Learn French (in progress)
  10. Read Le Petit Prince in French
  11. Visit Rheinfelden (my mum’s birthplace)
  12. Travel OS solo
  13. Get a second tattoo in the first city I visit (Paris, Tokyo, NY, Berlin)…ahahahaha! I just got a second tattoo last week and I am pretty sure I will get a third before I travel to Paris
  14. Learn to Knit
  15. Make a pair of shoes…getting closer (I upcycled an old pair into a pair of spats here)
  16. Re-open a clothing/homewares store
  17. Make croissants from scratch
  18. Make a beinenstich cake from scratch
  19. Make a stopstart animation including the soundtrack
  20. Buy V-Drums
  21. Learn to play the drums
  22. Form a band
  23. Start a new label (in progress)
  24. Kill an animal (ok yes this sounds totally weird, but I believe if you are going to eat meat you should be prepared to kill an animal at least once, and cook and eat it of course)
  25. Dress as Tank girl
  26. Make a catwoman outfit and wear it well…does this count?
  27. Read A Brave New World and a possible growing list of all the literature classics I have not read (recently read 1984 <embarrassed face>)
  28. Make a huge batch of jam
  29. Make an impact! sif I haven’t
  30. Visit Sweet Melissa Patisserrie in NY
  31. Learn about Madeleine Vionnet Queen of the bias cut.
  32. Collaborate with awesome creatives with success! Part of Spencer Tunick Sydney Opera House installation
  33. Get my drivers license back.
  34. Read Perfume
  35. Aim to have an exhibition in 2010.
  36. Visit Carcasonne and Perpignan (finish reading about them and The Albigensian Crusade first…nearly there 🙂 )
  37. Get lost in the maze at Cordes-sur-Ciel.
  38. Learn to scratch records (thanks Shaughn for the battle record, the journey begins)
  39. Go see a roller derby match
  40. Join a roller derby team
  41. Sign up for burlesque dancing lessons
  42. Do some french classes at The French Centre or Alliance  Française
  43. Get a bike
  44. Attempt to make macarons
  45. Add stuff to this list, just for the soul purpose of crossing it out
  46. Make  a time – lapse photography movie
  47. Drink coffee without sugar from now on.  (So not ready for this, but I have stopped drinking coffee in the morning)
  48. Read Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer and see if it makes me revert back to veganism
  49. Stop drinking alcohol for 1 month, with the intention of completely giving it up if I feel amazing by the end of it. I think I didn’t drink alcohol for 6 weeks and didn’t even notice. YAY me!
  50. Make sure this does not become some kind of lame ass BUCKET LIST!
  51. Learn to graff
  52. Conjure up a 365 photo project here it is
  53. Become proficient at Illustrator
  54. Drink Hot Chocolate at Tuillerie Park in Paris.
  55. Book a tour (or 2) with Parisien d’un Jour (French Greeters)
  56. Fix my bike and repaint it
  57. Build a backdrop stand for studio portraits
  58. Complete the INSANITY 60 day challenge
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