Raw Noir is my  ALL-NEW signature style of shooting.

Most people know me for my vivid colour and the distinct way I use shadow with colour.

Don't worry, my love affair for colour is not ending any time soon!⁠


RAW NOIR is all about rawness, monochrome and beauty - unabashedly and unapologetic beauty. It's a more relaxed and spontaneous session. ⁠

Let's get gritty and raw!




Join me for a gritty, raw, experimental monochromatic and truly empowering photoshoot session.

    • ♥ Full Professional makeup and hairstyling using 100% vegan and cruelty-free products.
    • ♥ Natural light monochromatic vintage boudoir style setting and accessories.
    • ♥ 1-hour photoshoot
    • ♥ No experience necessary! I will give you posing and guidance and direction.
    • ♥ Post-shoot in-person ordering session.
    • ♥ $200 print credit towards matted prints, albums and portfolio boxes.