I specialise in bespoke portrait commissions and branding shoots for performers, artists and creative entrepreneurs.






You would love to do a photo shoot that's as unique as you are, right? Maybe you have some ideas in your head, but it's not easy for you to bring those ideas to reality. Fear not - I'm your lady!

Fun-loving, passionate and determined and a huge believer in self-love.

Hello, I'm Melissa and I’m a multi-disciplinary artist. I don’t just click the shutter on my camera, I construct, build and design a fantasy world for you to step into.
I create otherworldly portraits for the modern goddess. With years of experience in all aspects of the creative process, nothing excites me more than bringing a concept to life.  As a mum, partner and busy creative, I know the importance of spoiling oneself and celebrating YOU!  I am passionate about being creative both in front of and behind the camera. I believe this gives me an extra special perspective when working with my clients. 
I know how it feels to be part of each step of the process and I want to share all that goodness that I've felt. There's nothing quite like receiving beautifully edited photographs which celebrate and capture the true essence of you.

Oh, just so you know, I’m a huge advocate for selfies. Be visible and take up space! 

With a background in the visual arts and fashion, I believe I bring a unique perspective to my work. My multi-disciplined approach lends itself to thinking outside the box. Never one to shy away from getting my hands dirty, I love to learn new skills and rules, just to be able to play the game in my own way. I’m hellbent on dispelling the stereotypes and breaking the mould. Self-belief is high on my agenda and I love to inspire others to feel the same. Never one to shy away from getting my hands dirty, I love to learn new skills and rules, just to be able to play the game in my own way. My love of vintage, mythology, retro pop culture and high fashion aesthetics lend themselves to my themes of empowerment, inspiration and beauty.

Working with me is not only fun, but you’ll also feel amazing, remember it forever AND get some amazing images to remind you of how extra special and unique you are. 

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I’m really hooked on creating the experience of a photoshoot. Not only is it incredibly fun, but it’s a celebration of you and your unique essence. It’s my goal as a photographer to show you just how beautiful you are. 

My sessions are a form of activism. As an advocate for body positivity and self love my mission is to encourage and empower you to be visible. I believe that beauty is diverse and we all must fight against the narrow ideals and standards of the mass media.

Once you book your session, I will expertly guide you through each step, from the pre-shoot planning all the way through to choosing your heirloom portraits. Your photoshoot day is all about you! I’ve created a session experience that you will absolutely love and remember forever. 

You will be transformed and pampered and then guided with ease through your portrait session. Together we will create art that is as individual as you are.


My creative portrait sessions start at $249 and my heirloom products starts at $175. I pride myself on providing quality print products that I adore and you will too! My clients usually spend upwards of around $1500 on their portraits and products.They are  frequently shocked at how beautiful all their portraits are and can’t believe there were so many that they simply cannot live without from their session.


A 50% non-refundable retainer is required to secure your session, the remaining balance is due on the day of your shoot. 


If you're looking to simplify and maximize your portrait experience, spend less time making decisions and more time loving the process. My ULTIMATE DREAM PHOTO SHOOT EXPERIENCE will ensure just that, loaded with all of the bells and whistles that you will absolutely love! You will walk away with my top of the line products and all of your incredible portraits. 


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Do you only photograph models? Hell no!  Do not fret! Most of my clients are everyday women just like you. Every woman should take part in a creative portrait session at least once. It’s such an empowering experience. Not only is it a great way to boost your self-esteem and step out of your comfort zone and you also get a few hours of pampering and create a wonderful memory! I give complete guidance during the shoot in regards to posing. No experience is required! Although you may feel nervous before we get started, I assure you that it will be fun and not as daunting as you may think. Please don’t be nervous about not knowing how to pose!  I guide you the whole way through, I help you with wardrobe and outfit suggestions you should bring and help you pick a theme just right for you! I’m a chatterbox and know what I want in my images, so I’ll definitely get you moving, talking and laughing. So, trust me, be yourself and have a damn good time! Do you travel for sessions? Yes, I love to travel and always up for a new destination. I regularly travel interstate and plan on adding international destinations to my offering in the near future. I love your creative portraits but not very creative myself, can I still have a creative session? Abso-f@#king-lutely, YASSSS!  I love getting creative and bringing your vision to life.  
How do you describe your style? My style is sometimes hard to describe, but I know what I like. I aim to create art that hasn’t existed before. I take inspiration from past eras, high fashion, fine art portraiture and pop culture. Others have told me my work has a cinematic feel, like a still of an arthouse movie. Photography can be seen as a film still of life and my work creates memories to capture rather than capturing them as they unfold, so that word is rather perfect! Empowerment is also a huge component of my work. The process of getting in front of the camera and taking the risk of being vulnerable is an extremely powerful action that I can speak about personally. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all women. I’m in the zone when creativity is flowing and something new is born at the moment, That’s the magic!
Do you shoot on weekdays or weekends? Our clients are scheduled Tuesday-Saturday.  Saturdays book out fast, so it is advised to book your session well in advance. Do you have a studio? Where will my session be? Do you find locations or do I? Yes, I have a studio located in Zetland/Alexandria. All makeup and hair sessions are done in my studio.  The location and address will be sent to you the week of your shoot. Depending on your the concept we pan for your shoot we will either shoot in the studio or on location. I take care of scouting locations, but if you have a location in mind, I’m happy to work around that. Travel fees may apply. When should I book my session? I book out several months ahead. So booking as soon as you can is preferable as it gives as more time to plan the shoot and get everything absolutely perfect and well organised.   Do you require a deposit to book a session? Yes, a non-refundable fee is required in order to secure a date. The remaining amount will be due on the day of your session. Do your sessions include makeup? All my sessions (unless stated otherwise) include makeup. It is completely up to you how light or heavy you would like to go with makeup and hair. I only use 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup and hair styling products. A full understanding of the right camera-ready products and application is essential for beautiful straight out of camera results. This is all something we will discuss during the planning of your session. Do you use cruelty-free makeup and hair products? As a passionate vegan, I only use 100% vegan and cruelty-free makeup and hair products in my shoots. I also don’t allow real fur or feathers (or anything really obviously not vegan-friendly) to be used in any of my work. It was a decision I made shortly after going vegan and felt that in order to live with integrity I had to draw a line on certain things. If you have a concept in mind that perhaps includes fur or feathers, I’m more than happy to discuss using more ethical alternatives. There’s nothing like adversity to spark creativity and I love a challenge. How many outfits do I bring? Will there be help with styling? Do you have a style-closet? Once your session is booked you will receive a questionnaire which allows me to get to know you better. I will then send through a style board and resources to help you decide what to bring along and whether you need to purchase anything for your shoot. Yes, I a style-closet filled with various vintage and handcrafted pieces and am more than happy to pull pieces I have to complete your looks. Can I repost or share my images on social media? Please do! I’d love for you to share your experience and portraits with your friends and family. All I ask is that you tag me in your post. Am I able to bring a friend, partner or child to my session? Unless they are planning on being in the photographs, I recommend they don’t tag along. It will be much more fun if you take this time just for you! If they do wish to be photographed I have a session fee for two. When will I get to see my images? My clients get to see their images throughout their entire session on the back of the camera. At the end of your session, we will review the shots and you’ll have a chance to tell me if there are any absolute stand out images. I’ll then expertly choose the stand out images and professionally edit and retouch the very best images from your session. My session is over, what’s the next step. You will need to set up an in-person ordering session. I recommend setting up your appointment on the day of your session. I’m proud to offer in-person (or via Skype for interstate clients) photo reveal and ordering appointments 3-4 weeks after your photo session. I do this for a few reasons. Firstly, I’ve found that it is a far superior and convenient way for my clients to decide on their favourite images I’ve perfected my systems and believe it serves my clients well. I’m there to guide each client in their selection of images, we can view images side by side to see which ones work well together and I love assisting clients to make their decisions. Choosing your portraits can be a little overwhelming, I understand this and I don’t want my care and customer service to stop at your photo session. My in-person reveals are much appreciated by my clients and it’s such a favourite part of the entire process for me too! Viewing sessions are scheduled 3-4 weeks after your shoot, this allows us time to get your images ready for viewing. If you are outside of Sydney and have shot with me in your city or have travelled to Sydney for your shoot, a Skype purchasing session will be scheduled. Can I just purchase the digital files? Each portrait you purchase comes with the corresponding digital file. Some people assume that the digital file will be cheaper than the printed artwork, but the value of your selected photographs is not in the price of the paper. The value is in my 20+ years in the creative industry. Over these years I’ve mastered photography and editing and know it to be true that you can only get the portraiture I provide from me. The value of my sessions and the artwork you come away with is the expertise, artist vision and passion that goes into each and every artwork. If you still only want the digital files, think of the printed portraits as a gift from me to you and when you hold them in your hand you’ll understand exactly why I chose to provide them to my clients. How long does it take to get my products? Products typically take 3 weeks once your order is paid in full. I inspect all my products to ensure they meet my expectations before handing them over to you. You’ll be notified and a pickup time will be scheduled.