Forest Femmes Group Photoshoot Roadtrip [new date announced]

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I’m happy to announce my Forest Femmes Road Trip Group Photoshoot has a new date. I had to postpone the event due to a family issue. The event will take place on Sunday the 13th of October. I’d love, love, love if you would join me. It’s going to be really magical.

Not only will we be creating a collaborative art piece together, but you’ll also get a very special HARDCOVER art book featuring all the photos as well as behind the scenes snippets and notes. It’s the ultimate memento of the day! All photographs included will be professionally edited and the book will be designed to perfection.

We will also be starting off the event with a very special ritual embracing nature, the full moon (15th) and feminine energies.
Each participant will experience an epic group shoot session directed by me as well as a mini solo shoot session.

Each and every shot will be visually stunning and theatrical. There will be TWO concepts. Each concept will feature the use of props and special effects.

I truly cannot wait for this amazing shoot day! As always I’m putting my heart and soul into this project and all that attend will not be disappointed.

This day is all about inclusiveness, empowerment and a connection to nature. As you may know, these three things are really important to me and are central to the work I do as a portrait photographer. I’m all about body positivity, empowerment and diversity as well as having a strong connection to nature and communicating its importance in my photographs. Living in cities has made in sometimes challenging to get our dose of Mother Nature and feel grounded in her energies.

Forest Femmes Road Trip is a celebration of all these things!

You can find all the details for this event here


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